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Luca is a member of The Squad and a recurring member of Princess Alex. He made his first appearance in "AMONG US NEW GOD IMPOSTER! (Mod)."


In his debut desgin, Luca has short, shaggy white hair and gray eyes with white eyelashes. He wears a white sweater with a black button that has black lines running across his arms and the center. He has half-white half-black pants, white socks, complete with white shoes.

In his infant desgin he has shaggy white hair and gray eyes with white eyelashes. He wears a white suit with a black and white tie.

Luca has short, shaggy white hair and gray eyes with white eyelashes. He wears a white blazer with short sleeves and a white shirt underneath, aswell as a black tie.


Luca seems to be very innocent and caring, and is kind to his fellow Squad members, such as calling Sora smart, constantly complimenting the other members, or being the only Squad member that fully respects Charli. His kindness caused Charli to become close to him, even calling Luca her best friend. He also occasionally shows interest in things that society considers "feminine", such as wanting to be a ballerina or a nurse. However, Luca often refers to himself as Satan’s child. He is also constantly running from the cops and even admits to committing murder. However, he only says this for the viewers and actually has no intention of killing anyone in or out of the game.



Charli and Luca get along as the two most pure-hearted Squad members. Their personalities seem to be very similar and very much alike. The two often commit murderous acts together or just hang around as friends. Luca has also shown to have feelings for Charli, and was even going to tell her in the video titled "Squad Does YOUR DARES In Roblox!" but was interrupted by Jaxx. Additionally, in "Squad Does YOUR DARES In Roblox!" Luca attempts at confessing his feelings for Charli, by telling her he liked her as more than a friend. However, this plan failed as Charli thought he was telling her that he liked her as a best friend.

Status: Best Friends


In Luca's first few episodes, he has shown affection towards Zach, which Alex didn't seem to care about and was perfectly fine with it. As of late, she and Luca are good friends. Luca often trusts Alex in the Among Us videos more than they do for most of the other Squad members such as Zach or Jade. Alex also seems to be kind towards Luca in her most recent videos.

Status: Friends


Luca showed affection towards Zach in their first few videos, but since then, Zach treats him the same way he treats the others. Zach and Jade "bully" Luca to a similar degree as they do to Charli. Luca has learned to not trust them when they're together because they're usually plotting to kill him in Among Us. Additionally, as Zach has left the Squad, Zach and Luca's relationship is currently unknown.

Status: Unknown


Their relationship is unknown since they have never met.

Status: Unknown


Luca and Jade have a bit of a rivalry, on some occasions, Jade is shown making fun of Luca. Examples of these include Luca calling every Squad member but Jade his "best friend," and Jade getting the Squad to vote out Luca for no reason. Luca also doesn't trust Jade and Zach because the two often "bully" Luca. However, there are instances where he get his revenge. However, due to Jade leaving The Squad, their relationship is currently unknown.

Status: Unknown


Luca and Light have fought over Charli on various occasions and Luca would usually get jealous when he sees Charli and Light together but they are on neutral terms.

Status: Neutral Terms


Their relationship is neutral.

Status: Neutral Terms


They seem to get along well. In "US NEW WATER GOD IMPOSTER! (Mod)" Luca called Sora smart, and in "US NEW PRISON MOD!" he called Sora his deputy. The two are often in the same friend group. This group is where Charli, Luca, Levi, and Sora mainly hang together.

Status: Friends


Luca and Levi have a brotherly relationship, with Levi calming him down and protecting Luca a lot. Levi has also stated that Luca was his brother.

Status: "Brothers"


  • His theme color is white, although his outfit has a small bit of black in it.
    • This can be very well contrasted with Levi’s outfit, whose theme color is black, although his outfit has a bit of white in it.
  • He first appeared on Alex's new YouTube banner.
  • Luca has a running gag that involves him running from the cops.
    • Light and a few other members jokes around about if Luca is a boy or a girl, this could mean that The Squad is aware of their fan base misgendering him.
  • Luca is the ninth person to join The Squad.
  • As stated in "AMONG US NEW MIND CONTROL MOD!", Luca is a vegetarian.
  • Many people mistook Luca as a girl when he was first introduced because of his voice, usually-feminine hair and eyes.
    • In "AMONG US NEW GOD IMPOSTER! (Mod)" The Squad members called Luca a "he" or a "him", but many fans didn't notice.
      • Due to his gender being mistaken by many fans, some fans theorized that Luca is non-binary. However, there is no evidence to back this up, since people were only making this theory based on Luca’s looks or voice.
  • Luca has stated that he is a boy twice, both in AMONG US NEW KISS MOD! (Timestamp 7:36) and AMONG US NEW ACID FLOOD! (Mod) (Timestamp 10:40)
  • The Squad mentions him in many videos, although it’s only to make fun of his gender.
  • He is the only Squad member who has white eyelashes in their character sprites. Additionally, he is the only male member with eyelashes in his character sprite.
  • Luca is the third member to be a punching bag following Light and Charli.
  • Whenever he dies in Among Us, he tends to say things along the lines of "Oh God!", "Oh!" and "Oh gosh!".
  • On his old Roblox account, he has a welcome badge from Roblox Among Us meaning that The Squad may have scrapped a video, or he played the game by himself.
  • Luca is the only Squad member to not have a real or fake YouTube channel.
  • His gender-neutral appearance has made many fans question his gender.
  • Some fans believe that Luca is voiced by Alex.
    • However, this is a false rumor.
  • In "The Squad Makes Their Own TIKTOKS!" Levi made a TikTok about Luca being a doctor, so it's a possibility that he could be working as one.
    • Him being a doctor could have something to do with the "Luca's house got flooded" theory.
    • This could possibly be only for the TikTok as a joke.
  • Luca has the least amount of designs out of all the members in The Squad with only three designs.
  • In "Squad Does YOUR DARES In Roblox!", Levi says Luca is the taller brother.
    • Since Levi is 6'1", this could mean Luca is 6'2" or taller than that.
  • In "100 YEARS Of Being HUGGY WUGGY In Roblox!" Luca finally got his full body infant desgin.
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